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Consulting: Comprehensive guidance tailored to your kitchen and bathroom design needs.

Drawing Packages: Detailed drawings and specifications to facilitate accurate quoting and ordering processes.

Custom Drawing packages available: In addition to comprehensive design services. Clients have the option to purchase standalone design packages including detailed drawings, specifications, and design concepts for implementation.

Proposal & Implementation: Develop clear proposals and manage implementation, including ordering materials, scheduling with contractors, conducting site visits, and reviewing drawings for custom cabinetry to meet project requirements.

My approach


Collaborative Project Management

I work closely with Clients and Contractors to create a clear determination of the project scope, responsibilities, and timelines. By defining roles and responsibilities up front, we ensure efficient coordination and avoid overlap in tasks.

Seamless Communication

Utilizing a shared design portal, we have open communication throughout the entire project. This platform tracks project deliverables, milestones, and revisions, ensuring everyone involved is aligned with the design vision and project process.

Start Here

Book an In Home Design Consultation


Detailed Discussion:

We'll start by understanding your project scope, vision, preferences, and goals through thorough questioning, setting a solid foundation for the design journey.

Creative Exploration:

Together, we'll explore design possibilities and features to visualize, incorporating your valuable input into shaping the direction.

Budget and Timeline Alignment:

We'll discuss budget, timeline, and necessary trades/services for project execution, aligning expectations with practical considerations.

Procurement Planning:

I'll assist in sourcing and procuring items for the space, determining suppliers and installers where applicable.

Measurement and Documentation:

Precise measurements and photos will be taken to ensure accuracy in our design process.

Inspirational Exchange:

Share any inspiration images you've gathered to enrich our understanding of your aesthetic preferences.


After In-Home Consultation

Design Estimate:

Based on consultation and measurements, I'll provide an estimate of design hours.

Collaborative Review:

We'll review initial designs together, refining them based on your feedback.

Tailored Quoting Process:

Create a comprehensive quote for project products, provided in stages over time for careful consideration.

Streamlined Production and Ordering:

Upon final approval, we'll initiate production and ordering, bringing your dream space to life with attention to detail and quality assurance.

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